Meet our Leadership


Congregational Leader

Shepherdess is a Songwriter and author of her autobiography entitled amp;#8220;REBORN".  She is truly one of the most anointed gospel singing, prayer warring, shackle breaking, demon chasing women of our time.  Her favorite self quote is amp;#8220;I understand that apart from Godamp;#8217;s Holy Anointing Iamp;#8217;m no good at all, so let the Anointing tell the story and to God be all the glory!


Assistant Pastor

Elder has served God in faithfulness, humility, and honor for more than 16 years. Words can not express our gratitude for his love, perseverance, and tenacity.  We are eternally grateful to God for electing him to stand with Bishop and Shepherdess Brown unwavering, and undaunted.  He is indubitably, Godamp;#8217;s chosen vessel.  God himself shall declare his name before His throne, crown him and say amp;#8211; well done. Elderamp;#8217;s greatest desire is to see the vision come to pass, see many souls saved- and to dwell in the house of the Lord forever.  We Love him immeasurably.


Assistant Pastor

Evangelist Lacrischia Simpson, together with her husband, has been a pentacle of faithful service, and graciousness. She has served for more than 16 years! Words can not express our gratitude for her perseverance and tenacity. We are eternally grateful to God for having assigned her and her husband to serve God through this ministry. They are both greatly loved and appreciated. We know that God has decorated her a crown with jewels worthy of a reward much deserved, and indicative of the lives she has saved-as she has worked joyfully. Evangelist Simpson and her husband are our blessing!

Other Leadership