Bishop spent many years soul winning  in New York City, a soul winning paradise.   This is where Bishop Brown’s street and prison ministry and church work won him many awards and accolades.  For instance, he won first place awards for best Paragon Cable television programming, eight years in a row!  After many years of toil in New York, Bishop would face one of his greatest challenges as God’s next assignment would send him to Savannah GA, to begin a new work. Reluctant to go to an unfamiliar territory, Bishop traveled several times form New York to Savannah. His endeavor was to get clarity from God as he thought perhaps God would change His mind.  However, Bishop would only hear God’s unwavering command, “Go’! In 1994, Bishop Brown set up housing and sent for his wife, Shepherdess Brown and daughter Christal. He worked feverishly to get the work initiated, however; the ground proved to be hard and posed a challenge. Disheartened, in the fall of 1995, Bishop left his wife and daughter in Savannah while he returned to New York to reassess and confirm God’s assignment for his life.


Shepherdess began to pray vehemently seeking an answer from God.   After some time had passed, she heard God say, “Pray”.  Her interpretation of this word led her to lay out before God from midnight until 6:AM.  As she obeyed, God began to send souls.  Shepherdess was also led to set up a tent for a revival.  Immediately, God began giving the increase and approximately 30 people joined the ministry.  Shortly thereafter, Bishop returned to take over and the rest is His-story.

Since 1995, many souls were saved and delivered.  As we they learned more about deliverance many were delivered from self loathing, lust of the flesh and pride of life; despair, discouragement, drug addictions, alcoholism and a vast array of areas.  As they worked relentlessly for the kingdom of God, there have been three locations and many salvation stories.

In the year 2005, Bishop Brown was led by God to install Shepherdess as congregational leader, as she had been his assistant pastor for years.  The Spirit of God not only confirmed the timing of this but also His approval.  It would soon be revealed that the passing of Bishop Brown would be immanent.  Only five years later, God, in His sovereignty, called Bishop Home.

On the day of Bishop’s passing, he simply  turned to Shepherdess; his faith-friend and partner of 23 years; recited the 23rd of Psalms and said, “Well Its Been A Good Journey.”

We will miss our gentle giant, one of God’s Generals, whose first name ‘Harvey’,  means “Warrior”. Until we meet Bishop again, we (his faithful followers, family and loved ones) will fight on just as he taught us- by example!

We say “Goodbye for Now” to our friend, the Beloved Bishop Harvey L. Brown.