I am a Vietnam Veteran and retired Detroit police officer.  Even though, I am happily married and blessed beyond measure, I suffered greatly from depression.  As a result of the war, I also battled PTS (Post Traumatic Syndrome) as well as sleep apnea which later led to critical anxiety.  It was not until my encounter with this ministry that I found the Lord and truly made a permanent change in my life.  Not only did changing my life affect me it impacted those around me.  I made a choice to no longer be held captive by the struggles in my life but to take it captive and serve the Lord!  Today, I am the Assistant Pastor to Inside Out Church of Jesus Christ, in which without this place and its leaders I would not be here today.  My wife and I faithfully lead the prison ministry where we seek to guide others to Christ and make an everlasting change in their life.  My wife drew me into Christ and now I am saved and my daughter is saved and serving the Lord.  I thank God for the leaders of this ministry and their influence on my family.  It is my endeavor to touch other lives just as they have mine.



I spent nearly my entire adult life teaching others how to make a difference in life, while never really seeking change for myself.   I had a form of godliness but denied the true power of Christ.  I was empty, depressed, looking for meaning in my life and knew something was missing.  Later in my life, I met Shepherdess and began attending Inside Out COJC .  Although, I was not ready to become a member and observed all that the ministry had to offer and soon learned that it would offer me the Lord Jesus Christ!  Immediately, my life changed and no longer was I depressed.  No longer, would I be a hypocrite and teach one thing while doing another.  My lifestyle was now exemplary of the teachings in the word of God.  No longer would I deny His power!  When I finally made up in my mind to serve the Lord not only was I blessed by my entire family has been blessed.  Soon after through my decision my husband was saved and later my daughter!  Today, I am the Assistant Pastor to Inside Out COJC and work with my husband in the prison ministry.  My daily endeavor is to serve the Lord with all my heart and to spread the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ



Before, I came to Inside Out COJC I lived in a home where both my parents were addicted to drugs.   My life was consumed with verbal, mental and physical abuse of all sorts.  I matured quickly and turned to older men for love.  At 16, Bishop and Shepherdess Brown introduced me to the Lord and were like a mother and father to me.  They helped me deal with the passing of both my parents.  In retrospect, I don’t know (mentally) how I would have made it without the support of them and their ministry.  Now, I stand strong as a Christian, hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Behavioral Analysis and work with foster care services.  My endeavor is to give back to the children of the community, what was given to me-love, kindness, and a relationship with God.



I lived a hard life on the streets for many years, suffering from several different drug addictions and destitution.  I had also worked many years as a prostitute and the life style had taken a toll on me.  I knew no other way of life.  I was in search of someone to love me.  I was in search of someone to take care of me which led to the love of money.  I was desperate for a change but did not know where to even start.  One day, I was approached on the street corner through the outreach ministry of Inside Out COJC.  It was then that I made the choice to live or God.  Over 15 years ago, I decided to serve the Lord with all that is within me and I have been saved ever since.  I have no desire to go back to my drug and sexually addicted life.  Today, I am the author of my very own autobiography!  I am an ordained Evangelist and have a wonderful family!  My commitment is to showing others in the community that there is another way to live and it is-for the Lord!



I loved the nightlife!  I went to the club habitually and drank alcohol excessively.  These were the only things that I knew that I could do to help numb the pain and burden in my life.  I looked happy but on the inside I was searching for a way of escape.   At the age of 19, I had a little girl and thought that her father and I we were in love.  Eventually, he left me and I became a young, single parent.  As a result of our separation, my daughter began to misbehave in school and my life felt out of control.  I was working 3 jobs and displayed no fruit of my hard work.  I hated everything about myself consequently I then began to hate waking up in the morning and suicide became a constant thought.  In search of help, I turned to psychics and to no surprise this failed.   By 21, I was on the verge of what felt like insanity, I decided to visit Inside Out COJC.  It only took one service for God to change my entire life and 11 years later I have never looked back!  I obtained an Associate’s degree from Savannah Technical College and am near completion of my Bachelor’s from SSU.  I have been blessed while raising my now 12-year old daughter and she too is saved! She is now well behaved and excelling in school!  I thank God for placing me in this ministry, He truly has directed my path!



In the past, I suffered from anger, self-hatred and despair.  I was also a womanizer that partied constantly.  I was under immense mental distress from being abandoned as a child and didn’t trust anyone.   People that I encountered took me for granted and thought that I would never make it far in life.  This was 12 years ago! When I joined Inside Out Church of Jesus Christ, over a decade ago, my life has forever changed.  I gave my life to Christ and learned to truly love God.  I learned to forgive and love those that had persecuted me.  Without the help of this ministry, I would be dead or living in a mental institution.  Now, through Christ, I have peace and determined to show others how they too can be free because if God can save me-He can save anybody!



I give God the praise and the glory for changing my life. Nearly two years ago, I was a lost soul. I was in love with the street life! I drank, did drugs and sold drugs. I also drove in and out of Florida trafficking cocaine. With that life, came the women and I loved to chase women! There were only a few things in life that I cared about and it was money, drugs and women. I was only concerned with pleasing myself! But now…I am free from all those things! I don’t miss it at all! My wife won me to Christ and we are now happily married! I am a solider for Christ and not ever going back!



Since a very young age, I moved from home to home in search of a place to live. From the stress of this, I began to look for love and ended up in estranged sexual relationships. By the age of 17, I was pregnant, unmarried and having my first child. During my pregnancy, I endured an abusive relationship and was beaten. I became angry, hurt, depressed and suicidal. These things then steered me into homosexuality and pornography. I was aggressive and would fight anyone that contended with me. At this point, I was far beyond help and no one could tell me anything! I thought, “God made me this way”. I was so tired of the way my life was going but I did not know how to change it. One day, I received an invitation to visit this ministry for a friends and family day. Nonchalantly, I decided to go. That day I experienced the power of God but at that time I didnamp;#8217;t know. I knew I wanted more of God! Desperately in need of change, I went back and got baptized. Some years later, I went back to the church and gave my life to Christ! For the first time in my life, I read the bible and I understood what I was reading. My heart and mind were finally on one accord and my life would never be the same again. I now have two children and am happily married. Together, we are walking in holiness and what God has put together let no man put asunder!



God has freed me from so many vices in my life. I was addicted to both drugs and alcohol. My drugs of choice were cocaine and heroin. I lost everything and became homeless at one point. I can’t even recall one relationship with a woman that I was faithful to. I dealt with suicidal thoughts but remained faithful to the street life. My addictions only led me to spend over 20 years in prison. When it seemed like all hope was lost…I found God! He delivered me from the harm I was doing to myself! After nearly 18 years apart from my family he reunited us! I am married, family mended and a brand new me! I thank God for truly making me the man of God that I am today!



God is so good! He has delivered me from being a liar! I was so full of hate and anger that I could not love myself nor anyone else! I became addicted to drugs and alcohol. It took the love of God to deliver me. I have been saved now for over 12 years! It took God to save me and fill me with His power to be free from drugs, alcohol and anger. I have watched Him save my husband and set him free! I am so thankful for God loving me!